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Messages from God

People, I am your God. 

About this message, take it into your heart.  Let it permeate your thinking.  Dwell on it continually, and acknowledge its truth, even if it conflicts with your beliefs or your "logic."

MANY of you harbor some partial truths.  Some examples:  I am a loving God. I am a forgiving God.  I am the eternal God.  You are created in My image.  Your soul is eternal.  Some of the methods I employ include reward, discipline, and warnings transmitted through My prophets.

All of these ideas are true, but there are additional truths accompanying them that you do not understand -- and cannot understand until the proper time arrives.

ALL of you harbor some partially false notions.  Some examples:  You have dominion over the earth and all that is in and on it.  You are My servants.  War is unavoidable.  The poor will always be with you.  I am a punishing God.

All of these ideas are false, but they each have an element of truth buried within them.  Once more, you are unable to understand their complete implications.

The whole truth:  Both as a people and as individuals, you exist to learn these things:  Love, compassion, peace, sacrifice, knowledge, understanding, wisdom. 

I am your Teacher.

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