References for Part 5

Yom Kippur

                                                  Levi. 16:29                                                    

xrê'z>a,h Wfê[]t; al{ hk'al'm.-lk'w> ~k,ytevop.n:-ta, WN[;T. vd,xol; rAf['B, y[iybiV.h; vd,xoB; ~l_'A[ tQ;xul. ~k,l' ht'y>h'w>

`~k,k.AtB. rG"h; rGEh;w>

Levi. 16:29   “And it shall be for an everlasting statute for you:  In the seventh month, on the month’s tenth day, you shall afflict your souls, and you shall not do any work, neither the home-born nor the stranger sojourning among you.”


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