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References for Part 5

                                             Deut. 31:9-31:13                                            

ynEq.zI-lK'-la,w> hw="hy> tyrIB. !Ara]-ta, ~yaêif.NOh; ywêIle ynEB. ~ynIh]Koh;-la, Hn"T.YIw: tèaZOh; hr'ATh;-ta, hv,mo bTok.YIw:


Deut. 31:9   And Moses wrote this Torah and gave it to the priests, the sons of Levi who were carrying the ark of the covenant of the Lord, and to all the elders of Israel.

`tAKSuh; gx;B. hJ'miV.h; tn:v. d[emoB. ~ynIv' [b;v, #Qemi rm+oale ~t'Aa hv,mo wc;y>w

Deut. 31:10   And Moses commanded them saying, “After the end of seven years, in the set time of the year of release, during the feast of Tabernacles,

dg<n< taZOh; hr'ATh;-ta, ar'q.Ti rx_'b.yI rv,a] ~AqM'B; ^yhê,l{a/ hw"hy> ynEP.-ta, tAar'le laer'f.yI-lk' aAbB.

`~h,ynEz>a'B. laer'f.yI-lK

Deut. 31:11   with the coming of all Israel to discern the presence of the Lord, your God, in the place that He shall choose, you shall recite this Torah before all Israel in their ears.”

War>y"w> Wdm.l.yI ![;m;l.W W[m.v.yI ![;m;l. ^yr_,['v.Bi rv,a] ^r>gEw> @Jê;h;w> ~yviN"h;w> ~yvin"a]h' ~['h'-ta, lheq.h;

`taZOh; hr'ATh; yreb.DI-lK'-ta, tAfê[]l; Wrm.v'w> ~kê,yhel{a/ hw"hy>-ta

Deut. 31:12   “Assemble the people, the men and the women and the children and your guests who will be within your gates so that they may hear and so that they may learn and they may revere the Lord, your God, and they may take heed to do all the words of this Torah,

~yYIx; ~T,a; rv,a] ~ymiY"h;-lK' ~k_,yhel{a/ hw"hy>-ta, ha'r>yIl. Wdêm.l'w> W[m.v.yI W[d>y"-al{ rv,a] ~h,ynEb.W

`HT'v.rIl. hM'v' !Der>Y:h;-ta, ~yrIb.[o ~T,a; rv,a] hmê'd'a]h'-l[;

Deut. 31:13   and their children, who will not know, will hear and learn to revere the Lord, your God, all the days that you will be living on the land where you will be crossing the Jordan to possess it.”


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