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References for Part 5

                                                    Deut. 4:19                                                     

t'ywIx]T;v.hiw> T'x.D;nIw> ~yImê;V'h; ab'c. lKo ~ybik'AKh;-ta,w> x;reY"h;-ta,w> vm,V,h;-ta, t'yair'w> hm'y>m;V'h; ^yn<y[e aF'Ti-!p,W

`~yIm'V'h;-lK' tx;T; ~yMêi[;h' lkol. ~tê'ao ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy> ql;x' rv,a] ~T_'d>b;[]w: ~h,l

4:19 and that you will not lift up your eyes skyward and see the sun and the moon and the stars, the entire host of the sky, and are drawn away, and bow down to them and serve them which the Lord, your God, has apportioned for all the peoples under the whole heavens.”


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