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References for Part 5

                                                   Deut. 16:2                                                   

`~v' Amv. !Kev;l. hwê"hy> rx;b.yI-rv,a] ~AqM'B; rq+'b'W !aco ^yh,l{a/ hw"hyl; xs;P, T'x.b;z"w

Deut. 16:2   “And you shall sacrifice the Passover offering to the Lord, your God, of the flock and of the herd in the place where the Lord shall choose to cause His name to dwell.”


                                                 Deut. 16:5, 6                                                 

`%l' !tenO ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy>-rv,a] ^yrê,['v. dx;a;B. xs;P_'h;-ta, x;Boz>li lk;Wt al

16:5 “You shall not be able to sacrifice the Passover offering within any of your gates that the Lord, your God, will be giving you,

d[eAm vm,Vê,h; aAbK. br,[_'B' xs;P,h;-ta, xB;z>Ti ~v' Amêv. !Kev;l. ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy> rx;b.yI-rv,a] ~AqM'h;-la,-~ai yK

`~yIr'c.Mimi ^t.ace

16:6 but only at the place where the Lord, your God, will choose to cause His name to dwell shall you sacrifice the Passover offering in the evening after the setting of the sun, the time of your coming forth from Egypt.”


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