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References for Part 3

                                                 Levi. 18:22                                                  

`awhi hb'[eAT hV_'ai ybeK.v.mi bK;v.ti al{ rkê'z"-ta,w>

Levi. 18:22   “And you shall not lie of the lyings down of a woman with a male.  It is an abomination.”


                                                 Levi. 20:13                                                  

`~B' ~h,ymeD> Wtm'Wy tAm ~h_,ynEv. Wf[' hb'[eAT hVê'ai ybeK.v.mi rk'z"-ta, bK;v.yI rv,a] vyaiw

Levi. 20:13   “And a man who will lie with a male of the lyings down with a woman, both of them have performed an abominable act.  Surely they shall be put to death.  Their blood shall be on them.”


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