Friend, you may contemplate Me, the universe, and yourself at various times.  Is your contemplation enjoyable?  Or is it troubling?   Full of contradictions?  Puzzling?  Or are you finding enlightenment in it?  If you're not learning, let Me help to the extent that I am "able."  You may understand why I use this word when you're done reading.  If you do, good.  If you don't, it doesn't matter.

First, Me!

Consider:  You must understand that I am inscrutable.  You cannot "figure Me out."  No matter how hard you try, you'll not come close.  No imagination of any extent will help.  I've given you clues, but all they do is point to a path you can't follow very far.  It's quite useless.   Stop trying!

I indicate My attributes.  The words used are not precisely the words I use, but they suffice.  You wouldn't understand My words.  They would tax your brain.  Pictures are often better than words, and that's My primary mode of communication with you.  But pictures and ideas lose their power in translation.  Yet the words make sense to you, and that's what matters, given the conditions I set. 

Except, you don't value those words very highly.  You often give them mere lip service.  I want you to try with all your heart, mind, and strength to love and revere My attributes, as I want you to love Me.  The only greater love is that which I have for you.

Join Me in this great adventure of "life!"

Next, the universe!

Do you remember that in Genesis Chapter 1 I tell you five times that "[I]t is good," and finally one more time that "[I]t is very good?"  I evaluate creation with these words.

Why do you not believe me?

My universe is precise in every detail, just as I intend.  You will all eventually learn that no less precise universe could exist for long.   This universe is a school for you and all other intelligent beings throughout the cosmos.  My intention is that you learn to come to terms  with My creation.  Study it, improve your understanding of its laws and  functions, consider deeply why pain and difficulty are a vital part of  it, and eventually reach a comfortable, cooperative, and peaceful reconciliation with it.

The universe is one of My most precious gifts to you.  Be one with it.

Finally, you! 

I endow you with intelligence, an ego (a sense of self), the ability to feel pride, compassion, curiosity, and wonder, as well as pain, fear, and disappointment.  All these are necessary for you to be capable of exercising one of My other most precious gifts, free will (the ability to make choices).

You would not enjoy a universe that was not challenging or in which you didn't have free will.  You could not survive in such a world.  You certainly would also not learn, which is My primary purpose for you.

You have all asked at one time or another, "Why is there suffering in the world," and "Does so much suffering mean the Lord doesn't exist or doesn't care," and "Why does God answer some prayers and not others?"

I sense these questions, but I do not answer them.  You will have to learn the answers for  yourselves.  Yes, they all have answers.  I give you hints, though, to get you thinking in the right directions. 

Suffering is a necessary part of this perfect world.  The rest is up to you.

I care "deeply."

Sometimes a prayer's answer would cause a potential deviation from My goal for the universe.

Moreover, if you could, how would you respond to this:  An army pleads for destruction of its enemy;  Its enemy pleads simultaneously for the destruction of its enemy.

Should I destroy them both?  Would you?

And, unlike you, I love you all.


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