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You prospered and grew in Goshen, but soon you were worshiping the Egyptian gods.   You had no shame, but you shamed the Egyptians.  They would say

    “Who are these people?  At first they were strangers in our land.  Then they prospered even more than we.  Now they embrace our land and our gods. 

    Now they want to live among us.  How will it end?”

Then because of their fear and distrust of you, their Pharoah indentured you into slavery for the Egyptians.  I watched for 400 years.  Then I dispatched my servant, Moses, to extricate you.

Why did I do that?  Because of the promise I had made to your forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that I would make of them a great nation.

I led you to Sinai where I had Moses prepare the Torah for you, the Instruction, the “laws” by which you were to live.

But still you defied Me, you Ignored what I had done for you.  You quickly strayed and made a golden Egyptian god to worship.  There at the foot of My mountain!

Hear Me!  I am your God.  There is no other.  I am your Creator, your Mentor, your Savior.  I am always with you.  I am faithful.  I teach you how to live as a nation of priests.

You may ask, “How are we a nation of priests?“

Well, let Me remind you.   You are to minister to the nations.  You -- each and every one of you -- is to be a light to the nations.  You are to be a guide for them, to lead them to Me.

But how can you do that if at every turn you embrace their ways and their gods? 

You must understand.  You must open your eyes and your ears and see and hear.  You must inspire the nations to embrace your ways and your God.  Not the other way around!

You are My treasured people, My first born.  I trust in you.  I love you.  You must trust in Me.  You must love Me.  You must love one another.

I wait patiently for you to realize that truth.  I wait patiently for you to give yourselves over to Me, to faithfully embrace My Torah and live according to its words.   Rethink all that you cherish and do.  Ask yourselves, “Is this from us or did it come from our Lord in heaven, our Father?”  If you’re convinced in your heart that it comes from Me, then follow it with all your strength.  If you come to understand it is from yourselves, seriously abandon it or relegate it to a custom you desire to continue practicing for your own sake.

If you have a question or an uncertainty about any word or verse of the Torah, and there are no judges among you, each of you may decide the answer for himself. 

Don’t be faint-hearted!  Judaism will not die.  Ever!  Instead it will become more lovingly observed by many more Jews.

If you accept My advice, you will sense My presence with you and you will feel My love and acceptance.  If you need judges again, I will bring them to you.   But no committees, no rabbis -- just teachers, kohanim, and Levites, but only those who have resigned themselves to My way and are committed to following it!

Only the important characteristics of My message need be observed by all in a similar fashion.  You will then be recognized for who you are, My faithful servants.  And the nations will be astonished.  And they will flock to you.

Remember always, the Torah is near, simple, and the whole truth.

Remember, love your neighbor as yourself.  Love the stranger.  Love the widow and the orphan.

There must be no hatred within or among you. 

Hatred destroys.


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