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You nations of the world!  Christians! 

You have gone further astray than even My people.  You have distorted My message so that it is no longer Mine.  You have misinterpreted and re-evaluated My book, My bible, My Hebrew Scriptures, often deliberately, wishfully, egotistically.  There is no reason for this except your love of yourselves and your hatred of My chosen people.

I have warned you, trust not in humans, but only in Me.  That warning includes yourselves as well.  Are you not humans?  Then why would you trust in yourselves?  Only because you truly do not trust in Me.

Look into your hearts.  Exercise the brain I placed in your heads.  Ask yourselves, would I do something that’s temporary when I say it’s forever, eternal?  My chosen people are eternal.  My message is eternal. 

Let me put it this way:  You are one of the primary tests for them.  And likewise they are the primary test for you.  Furthermore, I am the Sole Test for all of You.  So far, you’re all not doing too well.

My covenant with My people is eternal.  It is carved into their flesh.  I ask you to carve a sign of an eternal covenant between them and you into your heart.  They will show you the way.  If you will let them, they will guide you.  And you will help them.  You will try harder to understand them and accept them.

You may ask, “How did we go astray even further than Your people?”

Let Me tell you.   The man you assumed was your savior tried to bring back those of My people who had strayed far from Me.  He was fairly successful, but after he died, his followers were disappointed and afraid, so they exaggerated their stories of his actions and his accomplishments.  Less so his words.  But gentiles and well-meaning Jewish followers of his soon began to change his message to make it better fit their desires. 

He had not come for the gentiles, he had come only for the Jews of his time, to turn them back to Me and to My Torah.  To be a light to you and the other nations! 

But gentiles were too quickly and mistakenly brought into the “fold.”  Once that happened, the eventual process of modifying My message was set into motion.  No more flesh covenant, no more sacrifices, no more commandments, no more ONE GOD.

 I was turned into a God with three heads. 

The Hebrew term for “Messiah” became the Greek word “Christ.”  The man became a god.  The Torah became an old book, not the eternal book.  Its words were ignored or their meanings altered according to the whims of their gentile interpreters.

Soon My message became unrecognizable. 

Let Me explain one thing about some of the man's words.  You are aware he spoke in parables.  Few of his words meant exactlly as they sounded.  Few sayings were to be directly understood. 

The old skin with a new patch?  The skin is tradition, the patch is returning to Me.  Tradition had to be understood better.  Most of it was to be discarded as law, because it violated My Torah.  The old skin and the new patch did not mean a new religion to replace the "old."  It was the old going its way into oblivion and the new, a new understanding of the Torah, replacing it.

By grace, and by grace alone, I save.


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