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Messages from God


A poem, a duet:

Beloved child, you are My one love,

Each of you, whoever you are, is My one love.

I love you more than your words can describe,

   more than you can imagine, My favorite tribe.

Believe in Me and My love!  Love Me!

I ask you, wherever you are, attend to My plea!

I hear Your loving words, Lord, my God,

And I respond with loving words so odd.

I have made You my Guide, my Teacher, my Confidant,

Your love, Your spirit, and Your presence are all I want.

My life revolves around You, making me dizzy,

As Your wise loving messeges to me keep me busy.

My beautiful children, you are a treasure to Me,

I wait patiently for you to come seeking me.

When you do, I rejoice in making Myself known to you,

   and in waiting patiently for wisdom to begin anew.

My realm is for your pleasure when you're ready,

Come to Me so I can embrace you, keep you steady.



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