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Messages from God


You nations of the world!  Muslims! 

You also have gone far astray.  You claim to be descendants of those who came before you.  Yet you have distorted My message even more than Christians.  Your beginnings were valid, but you soon embraced a creed that minimized Me and you worshipped your originator more than Me.  You take My name in vain.

You quickly lost your way, arguing among yourselves, choosing sides, and warring with one another, brother against brother.  The opposing sides have been enemies for too long.  You must learn that I am the only One you should worship, and hate is not from Me.  It is from you. 

Surrender to Me and become My faithful followers.

And learn that too much worship is not My way.  I do not demand many formal prayer times a day.  You rush through them or become bored by them or regard them as obligations.  But I do not oblige you.  I “desire” your love.

I love you and require that you love Me and My creations.  I require your understanding and joy. 

Your judgments and sentencings and carrying out of sentences are not authorized by Me.  They are not your responsibility or your purpose.  Forsake making yourselves as God.

Seek peace!  Seek harmony!  Seek wisdom!  Seek love!  Regain the glory you once had for a short while.  Join the families of Mine, the Jews, the Christians, and those from the eastern lands.  They are all your family.

Hear Me and learn!  Surrender your pride, your ego!  Cleanse the hatred from your soul and embrace your brothers and sisters.

To hate is to destroy yourselves.  Hate reeks havoc in you.  It robs you of your life and your soul.  It weakens your bones.  It corrodes your organs.  It makes you a monster.  You cease being human before you die. 

Is that what I want for and from you, My creations?  Do you hear a resounding "NO" coming from heaven?

Listen closely, and you will hear.


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