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Almost nothing in the mundane universe is pure.  By that I mean that everything has at least two effects or actions.  Take radiation, for example.  It is beneficial as well as detrimental.  Think of the sun.  Its radiation is both life giving and death giving.  It allows organic things to grow but it also causes cancer and has other deleterious effects.  Consider gravity.  It holds you to the earth but it also pulls on your bones, skin, and muscles, and eventually debilitates you.

Light?  How can it be both a particle and a wave? 

There is only one thing that is pure:  Thought.           [Return to Messages 9]

A thought in someone’s mind has only one meaning, one interpretation.  But only to the person in whose mind it exists.  it cannot be communicated in its pure form.  Telepathy has little substance in your world.  Speech and the written word are your primary means of expressing ideas.

A thought must be described in language in order to be communicated.  Only verbal communication is available.  And verbal communication is not pure.  It possesses numerous meanings and can be interpreted in many ways.

Consider this:  The simpler a group of words, the more interpretations it may have.  For example, take the simplest of groupings, a subject and a verb.  “I am,” or “you are,” or “it is. “   See that they are each subject to a multitude of interpretations.  “I am” can be imagined to mean “I exist,” or it can be any one of a plethora of responses to a question (I am [fine]/[warm]/[sure]. . . .), or it can be opposed to “I was” or “I will be,” or it can be an objection to “You are not.” 

Yet more complex groupings also are vulnerable to multiple interpretations as well.  It is by way of context, that you can usually narrow your imagination to no less than two or three possibilities. 

The idea of only one possibility is always a fiction.

So when I put a thought or vision in your head as one way for Me to communicate with you, its pure form exists only for a very short while as you think of it.  But even in that circumstance, it loses its purity in the blink of an eye.  And once you try to communicate it, it forfeits its unique quality forever.  That is what happens when I communicate with My prophets.

When they try to put into words the message they have received from Me, it invariably becomes subject to more than one interpretation -- by them as well as by everyone else.  So you may never assume that (only) your interpretation is correct.  Any of you!  Hear Me well!  Don’t surrender your intelligence to your ego!



Now this is what I want to tell you.  You have a false “picture” of Me.  For one example, I am not a BIG or POWERFUL MAN.  Most of the ancients (as well as many moderns) saw or see Me that way.  It is wrong.  It is improper.  It is demeaning.  You must relinquish that image.  The term powerful may apply to a human being, but it has no appropriate meaning when applied to Me.

In reality I am incomprehensible.  Nothing you can imagine even comes close.  All you have is a miniscule hopelessly incomplete picture of My attributes.  You cannot even come close to imagining them.  You use words like lovingkindness, patience, omniscience, etc., but they are seriously faulty.  I can convey My attibutes, but it would be a frivolous act.  You would not be able to picture them for more than an instant.  And distortion would begin immediately.

But I can tell you this:  When the time of the mundane universe ends, you will perceive Me as I am and you will know what the world was all about.

For now you should approach My words with the knowledge that however you interpret them, they can usually be interpreted at least equally legitimately by someone else (even these words).  Never be sure of yourself.  If you are, you are assuredly wrong.  Come before Me only with humility.

Here is something else I want to communicate to you.  It’s about My omniscience.  Know that I am aware of what you call the future.  All of mundane time exists “simultaneously” for Me, from Creation to the point at which time ends in the mundane universe. 

There is not one future.  There are a great many futures, about one for every choice of an intelligent being.  I see them all.  And I react to them as needed at the “instant” of Creation.  “After” that, I am “resting.”  The mundane universe has been taken care of.  It was all done “long” ago -- or “now,” depending on the point of view, yours or Mine. 

The author of Genesis thought I rested on the seventh “day.”  I did, but only in mundane time, not in My “time.”  You cannot understand My “time,” so you needn’t try.  Just accept it, as you should accept your extremely limited point of view.

All the “matter” (note:  there is no matter, only energy) . . . -- all the "matter" and forces of the mundane world are known to me as well.  I am aware of all of them, from the smallest subatomic entity to the greatest entity. 

And listen! 

I say “again,”  “It is very good.”


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