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Hear Me, men of the earth!

Eden is not a “place” in the mundane world.  However, I left a sign of it.  Its only sign is a “doorway,” an entrance.

That entrance is guarded by a flaming sword so that you cannot enter.

Why a flaming sword?  Because it is the symbol of war.

I tell you that almost everything has at least two effects (see Messages 7).  Two or more of these effects can be considered as “good” and “bad.”

You understand you have a precious gift from Me -- free will.  In order for you to exercise that gift, you have to have an ego.  Now ego, like most everything else, has at least two facets.  One of those facets is your eagerness to engage in war.

You will have to tame that aspect of your ego, to end war.  Then the entrance to Eden will be available to you.


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