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You of the world!  Atheists! 

Color portraits of human hubris!

Do you believe that you know all?  You try to hide your (sometimes not so) private attitude of superiority, but you can't hide it from Me.  I see what you are harboring.  Contempt for those who "believe!"

Do you believe that you have cornered the market on knowledge?  That only you, and others like you, see the "truth?"  The only ones with objectivity?  You have no idea as to what is truth.  Enlightened?  You don't know the meaning of the word.  To you, enlightened, to Me, foolish.

Do you rely on logic to understand the universe?  On your own sense of meaning?  On your own observations?  If you do, you're deluding yourselves.

Your puny human minds and your limited senses do not allow you to adequately conceive of the complexity of the universe, and I'm not referring only to the mundane universe.  What you see is merely a minor aspect of the whole of it.

I know it hurts you to learn about your weakness, but that's what happens when someone is told he/she is fooling him/herself by someone of authority.  It comes as a shock to your self-image.

Understanding?  Like any logical conclusion, it is swathed in a blanket of bias.  Exhibit A! It's what debating is all about.  Even if you can come into a debate without bias, it only lasts until you choose your side.  From that point on, you pick the logic that supports your argument.  The most clever among you can do it so well.  You can convince others -- and yourselves! -- that you have the appropriate understanding of this bit of reality.  You do not.  You are invariably fooling yourselves.  Every viewpoint is only a partial glimpse.


Can you be absolutely sure that there is no God Who creates the universe?  Have you convinced yourselves of your wisdom and insight?  Do you impress yourselves? 

Then what of the multitude of universal constants?  Can you continue to ignore them?  If I had designed any of them different by only a small fraction of its value it would preclude the existence of everything.  Has that ever entered your minds?  Bias!  As you invariably do, you exclude the facts that render your conceptual universe -- as you perceive it -- improbable.

Be aware of how bias infiltrates your thinking.  Then remember that the more certain you are of something, the more likely you are wrong.

Open your minds to the possibilities.  They are as broad as your imagination. 

Think everything is possible. 

And be kind to your brothers and sisters -- even those whom you believe are not as smart as you.


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