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References for Part 5

                                                  Gene. 47:27                                                    

`daom. WBr>YIw: Wrp.YIw: Hbê' Wzx]a'YEw: !v,G+O #r,a,B. ~yIr;c.mi #r,a,B. laer'f.yI bv,YEw

Gene. 47:27   And Israel dwelled in the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen, and they took possession of it, and they were fruitful and they increased exceedingly.

(Note:  Israel dwelled first and then took possession.  Unless one is a temporary renter, one has to take possession before one can dwell.)


                                                   Exod. 1:10                                                     

`#r,ah-!mi hl[w WnB-~x;l.nIw> Wnyaêen>fo-l[; aWh-~G: @s;Anw> hmxl.mi hn"ar,q.ti-yKi hy"hw> hB,r>yI-!P, Al+ hmK.x;t.nI hbh

Exod. 1:10   “Come, let us be wise about it, lest they will multiply and it will be that a war comes, and it will even join with our enemies and will do battle with us, and spring up from the land.”

(Note:  The latter part of this verse says the Hebrews would join, then do battle, then spring up.  One would expect that the correct order of the verbs would be spring up, join, then do battle.)


                                                   Exod. 17:7                                                     

WnBer>qiB hw"hy> vyEh] rmêoale hw"hy>-ta, ~tSon: l[;w> laerf.yI ynEB. byrI-l[; hb_yrIm.W hSm; ~AqêMh; ~ve arq.YIw


Exod. 17:7   And he called the name of the place Massah-and-meribah because of the strife of the children of Israel and because of their testing the Lord saying, “Is the Lord in our midst, or not?”

(Note:  The name Massah-and-Meribah means temptation-and-contention or trying/testing-and-striving.  Notice that Strife is mentioned first, then testing, although the name is the other way around)


                                                  Exod. 18:22                                                    

^ylê,[m lqehw> ~h_e-WjP.v.yI !joQh; rbDh;-lkw> ^ylê,ae Waybiy" ldoG"h; rbDh;-lK hy"hw> tè[e-lkB. ~[h-ta, Wjp.vw

`%Tai Waf.n"w

Exod. 18:22   “And they shall judge the people at all times, and it shall be that every great matter they shall bring to you, but every small matter they shall judge themselves, so they will ease your burden and share with you.”

(Note:  At the end of the verse, Jethro says “… so they will ease your burden and share with you.”  One should expect that it would have been written as “… so they will share with you and ease your burden”)


                                                   Exod. 24:7                                                     

`[m'v.nIw> hf,[]n: hw"hy> rB,DI-rv,a] lKo Wrm.aYOw: ~['h' ynEz>a'B. ar'q.YIw: tyrIB.h; rp,se xQ;YIw

Exod. 24:7   And he took the scroll of the covenant and read within hearing of the people.  And they said, “Everything that the Lord has spoken, we will do and obey.”

(Note:  To conform with our modern English standards, the final phrase should be “… we will obey and do.   Nobody does a commandment and then obeys it.  We obey, then we do, or as we do.)


                                                  Exod. 25:21                                                    

`^yl,ae !Tea, rv,a] tdêu[eh-ta, !TeTi !rêoah-la,w> hl[.m_l.mi !roah-l[; tr,PoK;h;-ta, Tt;n"w>

Exod. 25:21   “And you shall put the ark cover on the ark from above, and you shall deliver the testimony that I shall give to you to the ark.”

(Note:  This is God speaking to Moses.  Moses is being told to first put the cover on the ark and then to put the testimony in it.)


                                                  Numb. 20:26                                                    

`~v' tmeW @sea'yE !roh]a;w> AnB. rz"['l.a,-ta, ~T'v.B;l.hiw> wyd'g"B.-ta, !roh]a;-ta, jvep.h;w

Numb. 20:26   “Then strip off Aaron his garments and put them on Eleazar, his son, and Aaron will be gathered and die there.”

(Note:  The picture of Aaron’s demise is that he will be gathered first and then die.  The actual events are to transpire in reverse order,  Aaron must die first, then be gathered.)


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