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References for Part 1

                                                    Gene. 6:19                                             

`#r,ah-ta, ~tyxiv.m; ynIn>hiw ~h,ynEP.mi smx #r,ah hal.m-yKi yn:pl. aB rfB-lK #qe x;nOl. ~yhil{a/ rm,aYOw:

Gene. 6:13   And God said to Noah, ”An end of all flesh is coming before Me, for the earth is full of violence because of them, and behold, I am destroying them with the earth.”


                                                    Numb. 11:1                                             

`hn<x]M;h; hceq.Bi lk;aTow: hwê"hy> vae ~B'-r[;b.Tiw: APêa; rx;YIw: hw"hy> [m;v.YIw: hw="hy> ynEz>a'B. [r; ~ynêIn>aot.miK. ~['h' yhiy>w

Numb. 11:1   And it was when the people were murmuring evil in the ears of the Lord, then the Lord heard, and His anger was kindled, and the fire of the Lord burned because of them as it fed on the extremity of the camp.


                                                Numb. 16:26, 27                                         

~h_,l' rv,a]-lk'B. W[G>Ti-la;w> hL,aêeh' ~y[iv'r>h' ~yvin"a]h' yleh\a' l[;me an" WrWs rmoale hd'[eh'-la, rBed;y>w

`~t'aJox;-lk'B. WpS'Ti-!P

Numb. 16:26   And he spoke to the assembly saying, “Withdraw, I pray you, from about the tents of these evil men, and you must not come in contact with anything that is theirs, lest you would be caught up with all their sins.”

~h,ynEb.W ~h,yven>W ~hê,yleh\a' xt;P, ~ybiC'nI Wac.y" ~r'ybia]w: !t'd'w> byb_iS'mi ~r'ybia]w: !t'D' xr,qo-!K;v.mi l[;me Wl['YEw


Numb. 16:27   So they departed from the dwelling of Korach, Dathan, and Abiram from every side.  And Dathan and Abiram emerged, taking a stand at the door of their tents, and their wives and their sons and their little ones.


                                                Numb. 16:31, 32                                         

`~h,yTex.T; rv,a] hm'd'a]h' [q;B'Tiw: hL,a_eh' ~yrIb'D>h;-lK' tae rBed;l. AtêL{k;K. yhiy>w:

Numb. 16:31   And it happened at his conclusion of speaking all these words that the ground that was under them split.

`vWkr]h'-lK' taew> xr;qêol. rv,a] ~d'a'h'-lK' taew> ~h_,yTeB'-ta,w> ~t'ao [l;b.Tiw: h'yPêi-ta, #r,a'h' xT;p.Tiw

Numb. 16:32   And the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men who were with Korach, with all the property.


                                                    Numb. 17:11                                             

hr'hem. %leAhw> tr,jêoq. ~yfiw> x;Bez>Mih; l[;me vae h'yl,['-!t,w> hT'x.M;h;-ta, xq; !roh]a;-la, hv,mo rm,aYOw:

`@g<N"h; lxehe hw"hy> ynEp.Limi @c,Q,h; ac'y"-yKi ~h_,yle[] rPek;w> hd'[eh'-la

Numb. 17:11   And Moses said to Aaron, “Take the censer and put fire from the altar on it, then place incense and carry quickly to the congregation, and make atonement for them, for the wrath has erupted from before the Lord; the plague has begun.”


                                                      Numb. 25:4                                                

 hw"hy>-@a; !Arx] bvoy"w> vm,V'h; dg<n< hw"hyl; ~t'Aa [q;Ahw> ~['h' yvear'-lK'-ta, xq; hv,mo-la, hw"hy> rm,aYOw


Numb. 25:4   Then the Lord said to Moses, “Take all the chiefs of the people and hang them up to the Lord in front of the sun, so that the fierce wrath of the Lord withdraws from Israel.”


                                                    Deut. 29:27                                             

`taZOh; hr'ATh; yreb.DI-lK'-ta, tAf[]l; ~lê'A[-d[; WnynEb'l.W Wnl' tl{g>NIh;w> Wnyh_el{a/ hw"hyl; trêoT's.NIh

Deut. 9:27   and the Lord rooted them out from their land with anger and in wrath and in great indignation, and cast them off to other lands, like it is this day.’”


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