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References for Part 1

                                              Gene. 19:15, 16                                           

hp,S'Ti-!P, taoc'm.NIh; ^yt,nOb. yTev.-ta,w> ^T.v.ai-ta, xq; ~Wq rmoale jAlB. ~ykia'l.M;h; WcyaiY"w: hl'[' rx;V;h; Amk.W

`ry[ih' !wO[]B

Gene. 19:15   And when the dawn came up, then the angels urged Lot saying, “Arise, take your wife and your two daughters that are here lest you be swept away in the iniquity of the city.”

 #Wxmi WhxuNIY:w WhauciYOw: wyl'[' hw"hy> tl;m.x,B. wyt'nOb. yTev. dy:b.W ATv.ai-dy:b.W Ady"B. ~yvin"a]h' WqzIx]Y:w: Hm'h.m;t.YIw


Gene. 19:16.   But he lingered, so the men laid hold on his hand and on the hand of his wife and on the hand of his two daughters because of the compassion of the Lord for him, and they brought him out and they set him outside of the city.


                                                    Gene. 49:25                                             

`~x;r'w" ~yId;v tkor>Bi tx;T' tc,b,ro ~AhT. tkor>Bi l['me ~yIm;v' tkor>Bi &'k,r>b'ywI yD;v; taew> &'r,z>[.y:w> ^ybia' laem

Gene. 49:25   by the God of your father, as He helped you, the Almighty, and He blessed you blessings of heaven above, blessings of the crouching deep beneath, bosom blessings, and compassion.”


                                                    Exod. 15:13                                             

`^v,d>q hwEn>-la, ^Z>[b. Tl.h;nE Tl.a_G" Wz-~[; ^D>s.x;b. tyxin

Exod. 15:13   “You lead with Your loving kindness this people You have redeemed.  You guide with Your might to the habitation of Your holiness.”


                                                    Exod. 33:19                                             

rv,a]-ta yTim.x;rIw> !xêoa' rv,a]-ta, ytiNOx;w> ^yn=<p'l. hw"hy> ~veb. ytiar'q'w> ^ynê<P'-l[; ybiWj-lK' rybi[]a; ynIa] rm,aYOw


Exod. 33:19   And He said, “I will make all My goodness to pass across your face and will proclaim in the name of the Lord before you, that I will favor whom I will favor, and I will love whom I will love.”


                                                     Exod. 34:6                                              

`tm,a/w< ds,x,-br;w> ~yIP;a; %r,a, !WN+x;w> ~Wxr; lae hwê"hy> hw"hy> aèr'q.YIw: wyn"P'-l[; hw"hy> rbo[]Y:w:

Exod. 34:6   And the Lord passed by over his face, and he proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, patient of anger, and abounding in kindness and truth,


                                                     Deut. 4:37                                              

`~yIr'c.Mimi ldoG"h; AxkoB. wyn"p'B. ^a]ciAYw: wyr_'x]a; A[r>z:B. rx;b.YIw: ^ytê,boa]-ta, bh;a' yKi tx;t;w

Deut. 4:37   “Then whereas, because He loved your fathers, so He chose his seed after him, and brought you out in His presence, with His great power, from Egypt,


                                                    Deut. 7:8, 9                                            

^D>p.YIw: hq'z"x] dy"B. ~k,t.a, hw"hy> ayciAh ~k,yteboa]l; [B;v.nI rv,a] h['buV.h;-ta, Arm.V'miW ~k,t.a, hw"hy> tb;h]a;me yK

`~ydIb'[] tyBem

Deut. 7:8   but because of the Lord loving you and because of His keeping the oath that He swore to your fathers, did the Lord bring you forth with a mighty hand, and redeemed you from the house of bondage, from the hand of Pharoah, king of Egypt.”

AtwOc.mi yrem.vol.W wyb'h]aol. ds,x,h;w> tyrIB.h; rmevo !m'a/N<h; laeh' ~yhil{a/h' aWh ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy>-yKi T'[.d;y"w

`rAD @l,a,l

Deut. 7:9   “So know that the Lord, your God, it is He Who is God, the faithful God, keeping the covenant, and being merciful to those who love Him and to the keepers of His commandment to the thousandth generation,


                                                     Deut. 7:13                                              

^nê<ac troT.v.[;w> ^yp,l'a]-rg:v. ^r,h'c.yIw> ^v.roytiw> ^n>g"D> ^t,m'd>a;-yrIp.W ^n>j.bi-yrIP. %r;beW ^B_,r>hiw> ^k.r;beW $ê'b.hea]w

`%l' tt,l' ^yt,boa]l; [B;v.nI-rv,a] hmê'd'a]h' l[

Deut. 7:13   and He will love you and bless you and will make you multiply, and the fruit of your womb will be blessed and the fruit of your land, your corn and your wine and your oil, the young of your oxen and the increase of your sheep, on the land that He swore to your fathers to give to you.”


                                                    Deut. 10:15                                             

`hZ<h; ~AYK; ~yMi[;h'-lK'mi ~k,B' ~h,yrex]a; ~['r>z:B. rx;b.YIw: ~t'Aa hb'h]a;l. hw"hy> qv;x' ^yt,boa]B; qr

Deut. 10:15   “Only in your fathers did the Lord have a delight to love them, and He chose their seed after them, you, out of all the peoples, as it is this day.”


                                                    Deut. 13:18                                             

rv,a]K ^Bê,r>hiw> ^m.x;rIw> ~ymix]r; ^l.-!t;n"w> APa; !Arx]me hw"hy> bWvy" ![;m;l. ~r,x_eh;-!mi hm'Wam. ^d>y"B. qB;d>yI-al{w

`^yt,boa]l; [B;v.nI

Deut. 3:18   “And none of the devoted things shall be kept in your hand, so that the Lord may turn from the fierceness of His anger and show mercy to you and have compassion on you and cause you to increase, as He has sworn to your fathers,


                                                     Deut. 23:6                                              

hw"hy> ^b.hea] yKi hk_'r'b.li hl'l'Q.h;-ta, ^L. ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy> %poh]Y:w: ~[ê'l.Bi-la, [;mov.li ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy> hb'a'-al{w>


Deut. 23:6   “But the Lord, your God, did not consent to listen to Balaam, but the Lord, your God, turned the curse to a blessing for you, because the Lord, your God, loves you.”


                                                   Deut. . 30:1-3                                            

^bê,b'l.-la, t'boveh]w: ^yn=<p'l. yTit;n" rv,a] hlê'l'Q.h;w> hk'r'B.h; hL,aeh' ~yrIb'D>h;-lK' ^yl,[' Waboy"-yki hy"h'w

`hM'v' ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy> ^x]yDIhi rv,a] ~yêIAGh;-lk'B.

Deut. 30:1   “And it shall come to pass, when all these things will have come upon you, the blessing and the curse that I have set before you, and you shall have a change of heart in all the nations where the Lord, your God, had driven you,

`^v,p.n:-lk'b.W ^b.b'l.-lk'B. ^ynê<b'W hT'a; ~AY+h; ^W>c;m. ykinOa'-rv,a] lkoK. Alêqob. T'[.m;v'w> ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy>-d[; T'b.v;w>

Deut. 30:2   and you will turn again up to the Lord, your God, and listen to His voice according to all that I am commanding you today, you and your children, with all your heart and with all your soul,

`hM'v' ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy> ^c.ypih/ rv,a] ~yMêi[;h'-lK'mi ^c.B,qiw> bv'w> ^m_,x]rIw> ^t.Wbv.-ta, ^yh,l{a/ hw"hy> bv'w>

Deut. 30:3   that the Lord, your God, will reverse your captivity and have compassion for you, and return and gather you from all the peoples where the Lord, your God, had scattered you.”


                                                    Deut. 33:12                                             

`!kev' wyp'yteK. !ybeW ~AYêh;-lK' wyl'[' @pexo wyl_'[' xj;b,l' !Kov.yI hAê'hy> dydIy> rmê;a' !miy"n>bil

Deut. 33:12   For Benjamin he said,

               “He is beloved of the Lord;

                      He shall abide for safety over him,

               a protection over him all the time,

                       to dwell in His arms.”


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